One of those nights that I am on the outside looking in…

I suppose this is where the blog comes into play. It may or may not generate enough viewers to be this super great blogging site; however, it will allow me to share our daily battles, our moments of pride, and our challenges that come from our own desire to be a God fearing family striving toward attaining the goal set before us. Our family consists of a man and a woman working it out, trying to come together and build a loving home that honors Christ. Mike’s three boys, ages 22, 20, and 11. My four kids, ages 18, 17, 15, 13. Our wonderful spunky red head, age 3. I am telling you that it is a wonderful life, but it isn’t an easy life. You are kidding yourself if you think it is easy. It takes constantly working at it and changing our way of thinking. So, as we talk and communicate, I pray that our journey will inspire you to wake up, move forward, and forget the past mistakes. Allow God to give you strength everyday to make it a beautiful masterpiece. Cover your day with the GRACE of the Almighty.

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