“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”

What does this mean to you ? For me, I am awakened to the very words being pressed in my spirit as if it was being etched in the crevices of every part of my being. I have heard those words all my life; yet, never really acted upon them. Today I can not escape them. Though I have tried, though I have been in the company of Jonah and master minded many escape routes. I too have been submerged in my own disobedience and have experienced the purging of the Holy Ghost through out every corridor in my heart, mind, and soul. Sounds painful, doesn’t it. Well, to be perfectly honest with you. It isn’t easy. I have lived my entire life as a Christian only to realize in the past few days, that all that I have been doing is Religous redundancy. I am ashamed of my efforts to advance the kingdom of God. I am appauled by my hierachy doctrinal approach. As a Christian, I have become a stinch in the nostrils of Christ. I am broken, on my knees, begging for the mercy of a Savior to grace me in my failures. The knowledge of this is astoishing. So many people, so many saved, and yet very few willing to extend their arm, reach out their hand, and lift someone up out of the pits of hell. I judge not, for I too have been in both places: the pits of hell and the prideful ministry. For I have not administered at all my gifts and dug a hole to preserve them; yet, never really understand they were meant to be multiplied. I am so sorry for the disgrace, reproach and harm my inactions have caused in the delaying of the advancement of the kingdom. I heard many times, God will use someone if he can’t use you. Is this the excuse we have become so accustomed to? That He will continue with or without you? Yes, God is more than capable. He doesn’t need any of us; yet, He chose us for a purpose. How He must be grieved every single time that excuse is brought to the table.

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