Digging Up “Flesh Roots”

People are hurting. You are not always going to be able to waltz in and pick them up and see a change over night. Pain leaves a trail. It also creates roots: roots that over time become embeded in our thoughts, our emotions, and our very character. First of all, you must follow the trail back to the original life shattering or life changing event. The very thing that caused so much suffering must be faced. It has to be dealt with. There is no way of overcoming if it is left alone. It will consistantly cause drainage and pain. If left alone it will fester and become infected. The life changing event must be drained, properly bandaged, and allowed to heal. Healing sometimes requires changing bandages and a bit of nursing. Then the roots must be dug up and cut off. If not, the healing will only be momentarily. Roots can be quite tricky. There was a gorgeous tree growing in our back yard. The tree stood with valor and beauty each year. This tree began to decay. We never saw the damage because it rotted from the inside out. Not once did we realize that the tree was rotten until it snapped in a heavy storm. It was then that we saw the inside of this beautiful tree. It was hollow. The roots of this tree was hard to handle-even with the tree cut and removed. It was difficult to take the roots from the ground, no matter how we tried it was tiresome. We tried pulling. We tried to burn them out. We tried to chop them with an axe, nothing worked. Not until we pulled out the heavy machinery. We rented a back hoe and worked those roots all day long until they came out of the ground. To this day, we still talk about those stubborn roots of an old tree. A tree with so much beauty yet hollow inside. Being rooted and grounded in the word of God makes a strong and secure foundation; one that can with stand any storm. It is when we have roots that are created in flesh that grow and thrive in stubbornness that create a problem for our spiritual walks. If we allow “Flesh” roots to grow, it will change us over time. Those roots are bitter and create damage to the fruit of the vine. You have to bring out the heavy machinery, Jesus Christ, and allow Him to dig deep and rip those roots straight out. Is this painful? Most definately, but if you do not stop this type of “flesh root” from growing and growing deep you will become a damaged tree that will snap during any difficult time in your life. Check out your inward man, make sure you are rooted in the Spirit of Christ, not the flesh of man.

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