The Revealing of a Hidden Closet

As Pastor Terry shared from the word today, the Lord began to expose my inward nature. I would prefer to say that I was not aware of these hidden affairs and this caught me by suprise just like it did you; but I can’t. I am ashamed to say that I too have lost a touch of compassion for others. Last night, while hurridly shopping for quick items in the grocery store, I oozed with impatience. I bolted through the entrance like lightening ready for a target. So impatient that I grabbed a basket instead of a buggy because this man and woman were so slow getting theirs, I didn’t want to wait. I didn’t look at their face. I didn’t wonder what their story was. I didn’t care. All I wanted was for them to move and move fast. When this didn’t happen. I redirected my path. “Finally, one more aisle to go and I am out of here,” I thought. Then, as I am standing in the aisle looking for hoagie rolls, I almost got ran over by a cart. I stepped back to allow this cart to quickly go by.To my suprise, as I am looking at the bread, she stops between me and MY BREAD. She stands there and starts looking. In my head, I am thinking, “Did she not see me? How could she not see me? That is so rude of her. I can’t stand rude people.” I literally was combatting in my head about this lady stopping to look for bread in front of me. I just wanted her to move. I wanted her out of my way. I wanted her to go about her day and stay out of mine. I didn’t care who she was.

That worked fine for me, until today. I really didn’t give much thought to it, other than I was right and they were wrong because they bugged me. Goodness, how stupid does that sound? Yet, we christians act so ignorant. Several days ago, I posted that HE has anointed me to preach good news….you know that scripture verse. Yeah, me too. And yet, I am too busy. I am in a hurry. I don’t have time. I don’t see people. Actually, I saw them long enough to complain about them. Wow, I must be a slap in the face to God Almighty. He does want to use me, but I get in the way.

I don’t want to do this anymore. God help me to not see your people as a distraction. But to gaze upon them with love and compassion. Help me to slow down, seek your face, and be kind to those around me. Forgive me for my sins, my complaining and whining spirit. Forgive me for my lack of compassion. Father strip all the previous out of my life and replace it with love, mercy, forgiveness, patience, kindness, compassion, and gentleness. More of you and less of Lorrie. Thank you for caring enough about me to teach me Your ways.

Your ways are much higher.

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