Time, friend or foe?


Learning to trust God…I have not decided if “time” is friend or foe, or simply God orchestrated to reveal our lives.

We wait for time and then we wish for other times….today time (18 years) became a blink of the eye.

My sweet baby boy hugged my neck and said, “I love you,” then I drove away leaving a young man on the doorsteps of destiny.

When he was a toddler, I’d lift him in the air by my feet, he’d let go and extend his arms like an airplane. Then he’d say, I love you, in slow motion. Pointing at me.

My heart melted.

Today, I’m reminded of the awesomeness of time. Treasure it, For destiny waits on no one, especially no teary eyed momma.

Ryan, this is your time. Put your trust in God and allow Him to reveal your life with each passing moment. I love you, in slow motion, pointing my finger at you. Mom.

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