When God speaks, your heart bows.

Yesterday, I had one of those moments when God speaks, your heart bows.
My sweet husband spent the morning hanging a lovely shelf for some of my “willow people.” AKA breakable knick knacks. We went outside to finish another project and heard the shelf slam against the floor. Imagine what happened next.  

Too upset I didn’t notice only a few broke.

My two girls witnessed the scene from the couch. Rebekah, 8 yrs old, immediately ran to me and said, “It’s okay mommy, we can fix them. We can glue them back together.”

I picked up one of the broken pieces and slung it out the door and said, “It’s useless, they’re broken.”

All of the sudden the Holy Spirit grieved within me. Not that I was upset over things. I didn’t see the beauty in brokenness. Recalling a time when I didn’t see the beauty in my own brokenness.

God didn’t throw me away or call me useless.

Every woman has a visible scar where broken turns in to beautiful, an altar to bow in the presence of the Beauty Maker. My heart ached over my actions, grieving the Holy Spirit.
God forgive me.

Oh, to see with the eyes of a child, an 8 yr old child, “It’s okay, we can fix them.” Change my heart Lord.

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