Wise Men

This morning you spoke of how the wise men looked up toward heaven, received a message, and set out to follow the star. I can only imagine their excitement as they set forth on their journey, a wonderful adventure to uncover the new-born king. I am convinced that they knew not the distance or time they would travel; yet they were obedient. Then I wonder, would I be so eager to go, knowing I’d find the promised Messiah, without some type of plan in place? The path they travelled took some unusual turns. When they began their journey, not once did they realize that they would err in judgment, but they did.

Their error cost the blood of numerous innocent lives. Imagine having to live with that…on their way to see the Messiah, darkness had a plan. The plan to destroy one, killed many. The wise men were unaware of the events that would begin to unravel during the coming days; however, because of their actions, the enemy used it to destroy hope, joy, and life. Their pride kept them from seeing the lowly until it was revealed. On their journey, they were sure of the king being born in a palace. So they stopped by King Herod’s and shared their message.

It was then, by speaking out their excitement to find a new King, that Herod’s jealousy overtook a kingdom. What if they had just passed by the palace that day? What if they never spoke the existence of a new king to Herod? There can be no what ifs. Their actions were innocent; yet, an evil plan was devised that day.

Then it hit me, God knew it all. He knew that the wise men would stop by a palace and not be so wise, and that King Herod was a jealous man who feared losing his position. The Master Creator knows all the intricate details of human behavior, our strengths and our weaknesses….and still chose to save us, to leave a place of royalty and walk amongst us.

God forgive me that my emotions get the most of me on some days, that I get so caught up in a plan that I forget the purpose. Help me in my humanity to cast down vain imaginations that exalt itself against You (pride, jealousy, fear). You alone are exalted and I praise You always.

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