Past Time To Get Started with a Plan



Last year alone, I lost 45 pounds twice.  Who does that? This girl, right here. That pretty much sums up my last ten years. Up and down, mostly up. So, what’s different this time around? My thoughts are different. I want to live. I want my husband to live and enjoy the breath that God has given us. But more than anything, I want to honor God with my body, with my life.

My husband, Mike, stayed in the hospital for three days the first of January.  New Year’s in the hospital is no fun, but it was necessary.  A wake up call that left the bells ringing and hopefully will be a catalyst for a complete lifestyle change.  So, that’s it…past time to get started.

Every start up plan needs to be equipped with tools.  You can add or take away, what ever tools work to keep you motivated, challenged, and shifting toward a lifestyle change.  This is my start, I’m sure it will change down the road.

My Fitness Pal…is a calorie counter app.  It keeps up with my food and exercise intake.  Of course, I have to add them in manually, but it helps me keep better track of my new lifestyle change.

Made to Crave Devotional, 60 Days to Craving God, not Food by Lysa Terkeurst…Just what every girl needs! Someone that understands the mind battle of losing weight and moving toward a healthy new you.

Exercise NotebookIf you are like me, You absolutely hate to exercise.  My prayer is that it becomes so natural to me that I crave exercise the way I do my morning coffee and conversation with Jesus.  My sweet Carley created me an exercise schedule (completed it three months out). So that I did not have the daunting task of FORCING myself to start, when I had no idea what to do.  You can follow her on instagram at soontobemoorefit.

Support GirlsFriends to come along side of you to encourage, motivate, and inspire you to reach your new healthy goals. Come on girls, we’ve got this! If you are interested in working toward this new Goal of living longer and vibrant lives with me, shoot me an email.  We can and we will accomplish this task together with Christ.


2 thoughts on “Past Time To Get Started with a Plan

  1. ldomin says:

    Laura, Thanks for stopping by. Your post on goal setting frame work was inspiring. I particularly liked the poem. You have an interesting career, keep tracking with me. I know this year will be a year for great positive results (lasting results).

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