School Drop Off Line PRAYER


The line is usually long, slow creeping around the corner of the school.  We wait behind the endless tail lights, checking off the list of items that must be in the bag.  Agenda, check. Homework, check. Lunch, check.  Yes, I know. We should have checked long before we left the house, instead, we rushed out the door, sprinted to school, only to come to a screeching halt within walking distance of the front entrance.

The Drop off line…

We could listen to music and most mornings we do.  We could chat about our daily tasks and we do.  But the most important, without a doubt, is our prayer time.

Believe it or not, our children long for our prayers, even seek out our ability to call upon the Lord on their behalves. One morning, my mind was full processing the up coming day, that I completely forgot to pray. Yep, that’s easy to do if you know my mind.  My daughter opened her car door, shifted to get out, then shut the door and remained seated (cars waiting patiently behind us).

“Are you not going to pray?”

“Oh yes, I’m so sorry, I almost forgot.”

It will never happen again as long as I am able to drive her to school…


Father, we exalt you this morning.  Jesus, please go with Rebekah to school today.  Be with her as she sits in her classroom, roams the halls, and plays at recess.  Give her angel charge over her, protect her from anything or anyone that would try to harm her and her classmates.  Keep evil far from her and the school.  Open her ears to clearly hear and understand the lesson her teachers have worked so hard to prepare.  May she offer kindness to every person she comes in contact with while she is at school.  Bless her teachers, protect them, give them wisdom to spread their knowledge and understanding to their students. Please help Rebekah to be a good student, a considerate student, and a good friend to others.

In Jesus name we pray…AMEN.

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