The Interruption

I’m sitting, staring at the List.

The List I made over the weekend to help me stay on track with my writing. All this and more to be completed in one day, along with homeschool and daily life.

  1. Work on WIP
  2. Write 250 words for the new book
  3. Write a blog post
  4. Edit a chapter of WIP
  5. Build Email List
  6. Write a magazine article
  7. And on and on and on…

What shall I write? Why aren’t the words flowing?

And yet, there is a drawing from me. I push it aside and say wait until I’m finished. Wait until I have written all that can pour from me today.

Suddenly, I am overwhelmed with His presence. If I stop to hold a conversation or to spend time with Him, I’ll get behind. I’ll be one day late when tomorrow arrives.

And that is okay with me and with Him.

diary2 unsplash

I am here Lord.

Embracing Your presence, stopping my work efforts, to sit as Your companion and to get to know You. An hour, two hours, who is keeping time? I have no concern for my list. I am seeking You. Loving You. Worshipping You.

Tomorrow will come, along with a new list. But for today I am assured by Your sweet words spoken to me, that if I seek the kingdom of God and Your righteousness, all these things shall be added to me. (Matthew 6:33)

Thank you Lord for the interruption. I love you.

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