Prayer for My Daughter

Dear Lord,

I declare this day, as for me and my house, we will serve you. Not just speak of Your name, not just know who You are, but love and serve You. I pray that Your presence rests on my daughter. Prepare a man who loves You and serves You to be her husband.

Lord, don’t allow her to marry into a family that serves other gods.

In Joshua 23, Joshua spoke about the snares and traps, scourges and thorns, until you perish from this good land which You have given when we marry into relationships that serve other gods.

I know You love my daughter, far more than I ever could–please don’t let an individual become a snare–a trap–a scourge–or thorns in her life.

God, keep her from falling into the traps of the enemy. Convict her when her heart yields in a direction away from You. Draw her back into Your presence. Create within her a clean heart, a pure heart from this day forward.

In Your sweet, wonderful, precious name I ask all these things. Jesus.


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