Celebrate Life

How many serious people do you have in your life? I mean truly serious, those who never stop to laugh or experience life to the fullest. That was me, yesterday. The fun stuff was for others, I wasn’t in the parade, nor showed up to watch. Yikes. How boring. 

Just like that….I woke up a different person.

I want to laugh so hard it hurts, to dance even if people stare, and enjoy every moment life has to offer.


We get one life folks. One life. Laugh it up. Enjoy it all, the rare moments, the hard ones, and even those that catch us by surprise. And for all the serious people in the world, it is okay to LAUGH. 

Place a balloon on your desk, catch snowflakes, jump on a trampoline, fly a kite…celebrate your life, you only get one.

Love. Laugh. Dream. Dance. Enjoy. Celebrate. Let the balloons fly.




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