Mountainside Marketing Conference 2018

Three days prior to attending Mountainside Marketing Conference, I questioned if I should go—the money, the timing, and the necessity. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook how to’s, KLOUT scores, marketing, book launch, and branding.

It was the unexpected rearranging my perspective.


Witnessing the compassion of Bethany Jett brushing away tears—listening to the story of a stranger during lunch.


DiAnn Mills pouring into her appointments, focused attention on projects unrelated to her own, advice shared generously, full of compassion, with experience and wisdom.


A young man pursuing his dreams, taking you along for the ride, even allowing you to drive your own pursuit of Amazon marketing and eBooks.


A servant’s heart. A beautiful display of servant leadership by Alycia Morales.


The heart of Edie Melson picking up a stranded conference attendee at the airport. Grace extended.

I could learn the how to’s of social media from YouTube, my 12-year-old daughter, even the local college. But I’d miss an encounter of the heart experienced at Mountainside Marketing.

Mountainside Marketing Conference—an experience worth attending.



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