Spring forward into YOU!

girls-1563093_1920Spring forward into YOU!

My heart leaps during spring. New life breaking forth around me, enjoying sunnier days and playful laughter. Time spent outside with family, friends, and by myself. Listening to the birds chirping, even frogs croaking in a nearby pond, brings a smile to my face.

My daughter rushes through the house with a can of spray on tan we purchased last year for a wedding. “Mom, will you help me put this on?” Implying her pale body needed a touch up to wear spring dresses. “Look at my legs, how white.”  Holding one in the air for me to see. Twelve years old, some days, still so little. And others, all grown up. Right in the middle of blossoming into a young lady.

“Sure.” I replied.

She stood like a statue on the front porch while I lavishly applied a bronze tanner all over her face, her shoulders, arms, and legs. Within in minutes, she tanned. Giggling, feeling beautiful. Changed.

I explained the directions said not to bathe for 4-6 hours. So, she waited.

Evening dew fell upon the ground outside, blanketing new flowers with a wet kiss. And I settled in my favorite chair with a book. All of the sudden, my daughter screamed for help. I jumped. Ran to the bathroom. Did she fall? Get soap in her eyes?

No, she stood, wrapped in a towel. Streak marks covering her body from the spray on tan. A horrifying look on her face, quickened my laugh. I couldn’t hold it. Before long, it was a gift, shared, both chuckling. “Mom. What do I do?” She questioned, “How long will I look like this?”

Soap. Washed it away instantly. No unnatural spring tan.

Later, we snuggled on the couch, discussing what happened.

We talked about how as girls we feel the pressure to be someone other than ourselves. She’s prettier. She’s smarter. Everybody likes her. Then something happens on the inside and we try to change who we are to become “like” someone else.

He created us unique, special, fearfully and wonderfully. Beautiful in His image.

Who are we to disagree with the creator?

Be genuine. You. Anything else, washes off, leaving ugly streaks. Marks that everyone notices as fake.

Shine who you are, unashamed. Unafraid, with a confidence in God’s ability to create a masterpiece.



One thought on “Spring forward into YOU!

  1. karen tyner says:

    You are so right Lorrie. We women try to squeeze ourselves into an image developed by the world rather than cherish the body the Creator gave us. Thank you for sharing.

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