How to Overcome Dejection as a Writer?

I received the second lesson from my writing coach. Feeling dejected, I said, “I’m not sure if I can do this.” My husband looked confused.

He responded, “How hard can it be? Just write a book and get it published.” He stared at me like that’s not what I wanted.

Crushed, I walked away, ready to quit. What’s wrong with me? Why is editing foreign? Why is writing good material so hard?

Am I the only writer EVER that felt like quitting?

No, we all have bad days, sometimes bad weeks.

So, how do we overcome dejection as writers?





Take it to Jesus. He is our friend, confidant, guide, coach, counselor and more. Personally, I’ve found if I take my hurts, disappointments, frustrations, and failures to Jesus, I’m less likely to lash out with a family member or friend. As writers, God called us to pen words with the power to change lives. When we were created, He knew we’d get to this point and say, “I’m done.” But, He isn’t. If we trust Him, He’ll inspire new creativity and life into our work. Pray.


Why did you start writing in the first place? No one else can write your story. God didn’t create me to become the next Karen Kingsbury or you to become Francine Rivers. I am Lorrie Domin and I have a God-given voice that is different than DiAnn Mills or Debbie Macomber. My voice is unique and so is yours. Don’t give up. Remember the why.


When negative and dejected thoughts take residency in your mind, cast them out. Train everyday to speak positive, think on improvement, and do the work. My daughter in law has a very healthy body, looks great, and enjoys long runs. She’s spent years training, getting up every morning and heading to the gym. My problem with writing, I went into it not fully understanding the exercises, skills, and weights involved with producing excellent material. Only when I determined to train, did my work grow to new levels. Take a class, attend a critique group, have an accountability partner, read a writing craft book, etc. Train as a writer.


Truth is, writing material that is worthy of publishing, takes perseverance and commitment to improvement. Shake off the notion that becoming a published author isn’t work, because finding the right word for a sentence, sometimes takes days. And that’s okay. Don’t rush the work. Just do it. I went back to school at twenty-seven years old. It took my nine years to finish a four-year degree. And that’s okay. What’s not? Quitting.

For me, overcoming dejection as a writer takes changing my mindset. And that only happens through prayer, remembrance, training, and hard work.



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