Spring forward into YOU!

Spring forward into YOU! My heart leaps during spring. New life breaking forth around me, enjoying sunnier days and playful laughter. Time spent outside with family, friends, and by myself. Listening to the birds chirping, even frogs croaking in a nearby pond, brings a smile to my face. My daughter rushes through the house with a … Continue reading Spring forward into YOU!

Celebrate Life

How many serious people do you have in your life? I mean truly serious, those who never stop to laugh or experience life to the fullest. That was me, yesterday. The fun stuff was for others, I wasn’t in the parade, nor showed up to watch. Yikes. How boring.  Just like that….I woke up a … Continue reading Celebrate Life

Scapegoat, Weak or Strong?

When I think about the word scapegoat, my mind wonders in the direction of an individual taking the fall-the blame for someone else. Maybe it was a business deal that wasn’t profitable, a politician that carried the blame of a political agenda, or a parent weighted down with the burden of a wayward child. Whatever … Continue reading Scapegoat, Weak or Strong?