A beautiful mess. A mother. A daughter. Christ. And a lifestyle.

A mess. A beautiful mess. Once I share our mess, you may think differently. You may rant and judge, and that’s okay. Or, you may feel a release, shed tears, knowing you are not alone. I carried a baby in my tummy, read stories to her, sang lullaby’s, and wrote her letters before I held … Continue reading A beautiful mess. A mother. A daughter. Christ. And a lifestyle.

Spring forward into YOU!

Spring forward into YOU! My heart leaps during spring. New life breaking forth around me, enjoying sunnier days and playful laughter. Time spent outside with family, friends, and by myself. Listening to the birds chirping, even frogs croaking in a nearby pond, brings a smile to my face. My daughter rushes through the house with a … Continue reading Spring forward into YOU!

Why walk with restraint in 2018?

I have said and used Proverbs 29:18 in error, never finishing the whole text. I've stopped at "without vision, the people perish." Stopping. Leading me to contort the word, that if I kept a vision--a goal out in front of me, it would be more easily attained. If we study scripture (written word), the truth … Continue reading Why walk with restraint in 2018?

What does truth with love look like?

Today, I taught the preschool class. A little boy looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I think you have a big tummy." Then wrapped his arms around my waist--loving on me. Truth--wrapped in love. Truth without love pushes people away--with love, draws them closer. God is TRUTH. God is LOVE. Not one without … Continue reading What does truth with love look like?

Scapegoat, Weak or Strong?

When I think about the word scapegoat, my mind wonders in the direction of an individual taking the fall-the blame for someone else. Maybe it was a business deal that wasn’t profitable, a politician that carried the blame of a political agenda, or a parent weighted down with the burden of a wayward child. Whatever … Continue reading Scapegoat, Weak or Strong?