What keeps me here?

Scrambled. No alarm needed, my brain produces thoughts and questions, dialogue and quirky characters, publishing avenues, and marketing plans in my sleep, until I stand to my feet at 4:00 AM and drag my body toward the coffee pot. I hit the button and hold the handle, waiting for the first drippings, yawning, blowing my nose. The … Continue reading What keeps me here?

Mountainside Marketing Conference 2018

Three days prior to attending Mountainside Marketing Conference, I questioned if I should go—the money, the timing, and the necessity. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook how to’s, KLOUT scores, marketing, book launch, and branding. It was the unexpected rearranging my perspective. Unexpected. Witnessing the compassion of Bethany Jett brushing away tears—listening to the story of a … Continue reading Mountainside Marketing Conference 2018

Timing and Sequence for writers

Ten years since I heard my father's voice, or felt his hand on my shoulder. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. Ten years since I began writing a novel, sharing the depth of his character with the world. It took me a summer to write the first draft. A summer. Three months of getting up … Continue reading Timing and Sequence for writers