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If you Really Knew me, you’d know… 

That I enjoy one-on-one conversations.

I am way too serious and miss the point of jokes.

That I live by my planner.

I am passionate about planting good seeds in people’s lives.

That I give everything away.

When I am tired . . . I giggle a lot!

I adore my family time.


And my conversations will always end up about Jesus.


Food:              Sesame Chicken from Best China

Movie:            Without a doubt…Oklahoma! Oh you wanted to know current? I’ll have to

                          think about it…

Book:              Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Sport:              I am more of a fan to individuals pursuing their dream and living

                          loud for Christ.

Place:              There is no place like HOME. But every now and again, I get to enjoy relaxing

                           by a cool mountain stream.




I devote a huge part of my time to Palmetto Pregnancy Center-a ministry that serves women and children in our community, embracing all life.


Psalm 139:14, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The Lord gives life:

In our broken places

In our marriages

In our homes

In our relationships

And in our wombs.

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