Transforming Beauty

Every year during the Annual Christmas Idea Exchange, all the women gathered with great expectation to see a button topiary tree. Newcomers attended the exchange in hopes of seeing the rare piece they heard about, the one that received the most recognition. A simple creation remembered long after the holiday season. A small little ball sticking out of a pot by a stick, covered with white lace and cream-colored buttons, not quiet a beautiful attraction.

Year-after-year the creator dusted off and tenderly carried this piece to the exchange and displayed it with tremendous pride. At first sight, all others snickered at its existence. Yet, each year, its creator brought this crazy button topiary tree to the exchange in confidence that this little tree would draw in a crowd. She not only adored the tree but also believed it was the most precious piece around. She glowed when others stared. What was the purpose of its creation?

Her face beamed with humility as the message it beheld transformed into beauty right before their eyes. As she shared the story of the tree, her countenance radiated and soon afterwards, the tree was a remarkable sight. Wonder softened hearts, hands gently covering mouths, gasping at the beauty as extreme love poured out upon every encounter with the tree. Its attractiveness began to permeate the room. For the master creator, truly this masterpiece held so much more importance than the natural eye could see.

The creator of the most interesting piece went to be with her Lord and Savior in early spring. As I began to ponder on her passion, I was intrigued to understand that it was not the masterpiece but the master Creator that truly demonstrated the rarity of beauty and acceptance. The tree never changed its appearance, but something changed within the hearts of everyone that encountered the tree.

What was it that turned hideous into beautiful? What transformed a simple creation into an event?

These transforming beauty talks will position you to discern the moments when your very existence becomes an event in the lives of others. You were born the product of extreme love from the Father and created for attraction, evoking others to His great love and grace.


Restoration, it is the only reason Jesus walked in the visible presence of man.